Monday, December 12, 2011

To Be A Dork

A poem by Jessica M. (Me)

To be a dork can be many things
Like being smart and randomly sing
Embarrassing yourself can connect to that too
But no worries, no one is going to sue you

What type of books you read is a contribution
Anime, mythical, fantasy - now that can be a situation
How you express things and how you do in sports
Also if your laugh has a snort

Those are just some characteristics
But there is more
Like doing a magic trick
Or being a bore

Know I have nothing against being a dork
I consider myself one too
But don't go suicidal with a fork!
'Cause people love you

Remember this:
Whoever judges you
That's their loss
'Cause to be a dork


Just a haiku that I wrote over the weekend.


Rain - how sweet it is

Cold, wet - just so calm to me

Rain can make my day