Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Children!

These are some pics of my pets. To me they are like my kids. lol. But i still love them. :D Piggy, the cat. You spell her name Pig. Well, she does eat alot of food...
She sometimes has her moments to act..."weird"

She loves to sleep to. She also likes looking outside and being in the condo.

Eddie, malti-poo/terrier I think. He sometimes have red eyes because he is He is VERY energetic. Trust me. He is ALWAYS ready to play and be energetic.

Sadie is the long haired one and she is a malti-poo. We got her from my friend's family. We have cut her hair now but I will be sure to get short-haired Sadie up soon! :)

This is Puma. He is the leader of the pack. He always comes with me when I'm walking around the house. He is so protected!Thats a good thing. :)

Thats Misty, Buddy's sister and thats Sadie's Body,(well part of it.) She isn't a fan of walking on the leash.

Thats Buddy. In My opinion, (and my sister's) we think he is the cuteset. He loves to go on walks to.

This is Lady. Her Mom, Thandi died so she had been depressed lately. But I think she is getting better then when she died.
Well, those are my animals who I love! Hope you enjoyed. Sorry, the pics are old but i will upload some recent ones of them and other things too! :D

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  1. Sorry about the big gaps. It was my first time uploading pics and ya.