Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Cat I Like To Call 'Kitty!'

So, this post is obviously about a random cat that I like to call 'Kitty'! Well, she wasn't my cat and had no name tag and she is a cat so the best name in that situation, is Kitty. lol.
This is what happened...

My mom went outside to walk our friend to their car. Then she called me and told me "There is a cat outside our door! Come see!" So I came really excited! The cat was so cute and big! But still so sweet! I really wanted to pet her but my mom said I shouldn't. So I didn't.

My sister overheard me talking to the cat so she came downstairs to see herself. She and the rest of my family, except me has seen that cat before. They have seen it because it always walks behind our house in the evening but I always miss it. So this was the first time I saw her.

As I mentioned, the cat was big. Big that my mom thought it was pregnant. ha! But I don't think she is.

Also at one point of looking and talking to the cat and my sister at the door, I said, "It could be rabid! And jump up at us and attack us!" Weird right? Weird because my sister replied, "There is no foam coming out of its' mouth so no, it is not rabid." (Take note that I know that rabid animals have foam coming out of their mouths before, way before this situation.)

'Kitty' (the cat) meowed at us and wanted to come into the house but my mom said no. I really wished she could of though, she seemed super sweet. But we figured that she belonged to someone because we live in an apartment right now and there is a lot of more apartments and all around us so she could belong to one of the residences here. And she looked very healthy and obviously domestic. I loved that cat! She reminded me of my own cat back home, Piggy. I miss Piggy! And I miss 'Kitty'!

Oh! And 'Kitty' wouldn't leave the front door! It was really cute! And when a residence pasted by,s he hide in a bush next to our apartment. When I came out to see where she went, she came out. She is a super sweet kitty! I hope to see her again! :D

Here are a few pics of 'Kitty' that I took!

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