Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update On Life and "Question Girl"

HELLO! Sorry I haven't posted in AGES!

Well, it's 2012 It's funny to hear that. I still don't quite believe it's 2012 yet. I write all the time on my homework and such, but when I say it and actually think about it, I don't quite believe it.

School is back in We just had our mid-term exams (finals) last week and I am so HAPPY with my grades!!!! Studying does pay off. Know that.
And I think I am about to get a bit more busier than ever. Why you may ask? Well school doesn't end till like 2:20PM [I know that isn't too bad] but then afternoon activities and homework. Basketball...Ballet...Music(well, I'm going to like teach myself and think because I've been doing music on and off for awhile so now I want o go back into it) and...yeah. Then like youth group Tuesday night. Pretty crazy schedule this term for me. I hope I can get through it!

It's February now. Cool. January went by fast though, don't you think?

Now, I am going to answer your question: "Why is part of this post called 'Question Girl'?" Well, in class one day, a random idea popped into my head. That's been happening a lot lately..but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention in class! I pay attention a lot. Anyway, I was just thinking of like answering a random question, maybe like each day or so and put that as an entry. I thought it's a pretty cool idea. And I think it will work for me because I am the girl FULL OF QUESTIONS. No joke. I think you can ask anyone who knows me well that I ask questions all the time. So yep. That's my idea and I'm going to do it. Let me know what you think of it!! My first question will be coming soon!!

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